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Reference Books

We learn by listening, visual input such as pictures & reading, and also by doing. We often have an innate preference of one of these modes with the other modes providing support. Ultimately, we learn best by using all three modes.

We suggest reading some of the following books to help you grasp permaculture ideas and concepts.
More book details can be found at The Library Thing.

Introduction to Permaculture and Food Gardening

  • Rosemary Morrow - Earth Users Guide to Permaculture
  • Annette McFarlane - Organic Fruit Growing*
  • Annette McFarlane - Organic Vegetable Gardening*
  • Linda Woodrow - The Permaculture Home Garden
  • Bill Mollison - Introduction to Permaculture
  • Jackie French - Backyard Self-sufficiency
  • Jackie French - Companion Planting in Australia and New Zealand
  • Esther Dean - Esther Dean's Gardening Book - Growing without digging.

Detailed Permaculture Design

  • Bill Mollison - Permaculture A Designers Manual
  • David Holmgren - Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability
  • Peter Bane - The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country

Edible Forest Gardening

  • Dave Jacke & Eric Toensmeier - Edible Forest Gardens Vol 1 & 2
  • Martin Crawford - Creating a Forest Garden
  • Martin Crawford - How to grow Perennial Vegetables
  • Eric Toensmeier - Perennial Vegetables

Australian Native Foods

  • Tim Low - Wild Food Plants of Australia
  • Keith and Irene Smith - Grow your own Bushfoods

Useful References

  • Judy McMaugh - What Garden Pest or Disease is That?
  • Paul Stamets - Mycelium Running - [Amazing roles of Fungi]
  • Steve Solomon - The Intelligent Gardener - [Examination of Soil Chemistry]
  • David Holmgren - Future Scenarios - [Responses to Climate Change & Peak Oil]
  • Rob Hopkins - The Transition Handbook - [Moving to a Low Energy Future]
  • Eric Toensmeier - Paradise Lot - [Experience of Building an EFG]
  • Bill Gammage - The Biggest Estate on Earth - [History of Australian Indigenous Farming]
  • David Murphy - Organic Growing with Worms
  • Louis Glowinski - The Complete Book of Growing Fruit in Australia*


  • Joel Salitin - The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Gardener
  • P.A. Yeomans - Water For Every Farm

The titles marked with an asterisk (*) may diverge from permaculture principles by suggesting the use of synthetic or organic chemicals. These books still contain relevant information, but it is suggested to consider alternatives to chemicals such as supporting pest predators.

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