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Worm Farming

Why practice Worm Farming?

Worm farming has multiple benefits for our food systems and managing climate-change, peak oil and rising transport costs.
Each of the following benefits make a valuable contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Using organic wastes to produce organic food for plants in your personal or community garden and sequestering carbon in the soil.
  • Eliminating the greenhouse gases emitted from landfill
  • Eliminating the need to transport waste organic matter to landfill
  • Eliminating the need to make, transport and buy external fertilisers.

Worm farming is a core part of 'relocalising' our food growing systems. It is also the simplest and most fun of all composting systems and can handle most of our food wastes.

And for those that are keen to manage the full spectrum of our organic wastes, worm farming is effectively paired with:

  • Composting for recycling woody and bulky garden materials
  • Bokashi waste fermentation to recycle difficult foods such as meats and citrus.
  • Weed Teas to create fertile liquids from invasive plants


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