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Worm Farming Workshops

Our worm farming workshops are legendary in the inner suburbs of Sydney.

Our workshops have a high level of hands-on, practical, and visual content which enhances the experience for participants. 

Standard Workshop

We have a two hour workshop that can be tailored to your circumstances.

Extended Practical

In a 'hands-on' environment, like a community garden, we can extend the workshop into a longer session of practical implementation.

Add-On Component

We can offer a 1 or 1.5 hour workshop to fit into office lunch breaks or to complement similar workshop material like gardening or composting.


Workshop Content

The following workshop content is usually adjusted at each workshop depending on the need of the participants.

  • Introduction to Waste
  • Inside a worm farm
  • About Composting Worms
  • Feeding Guide and Learning Exercise
  • Adjustments
  • Starting Out
  • Locating a worm farm


We welcome inquiries to run a workshop for your workplace, community group or course.

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