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Google remarketing and display ads

Using Google Ads on their Re-Marketing & Display Network will Boost Your Brand And Customer Base

Just because someone visited your website does not mean that you will sell your product. Surprisingly, many site visitors abandon carts despite your offer being attractive creating  a headache for online stores and has a reduction in profits. Google’s Re-marketing & Display Network provides several ways to boost your brand and obtain new customers.

Text Ads

Text ads come in different formats including standard text, native ads and rich media. The standard text approach allows customizing font color, and other properties which therefore ensures that the text fits within your page. Native ads allow the text to be integrated with your websites look and feel. This is further enhanced by the presence of logos on all platforms including Google + and third party sources. Rich text is like a display ad where your logo is supplemented with images from third party sources to make it display prominently. Importantly, the color palettes are selected match the images and logo on the ad.

Image Ads

Google ads allows you to upload different types of images including JPEG, HTML5 and Flash ads. Image size will be adjusted to match your content and the appearance of your product. Most importantly, use the following guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of your image.

Graphical layout

To be most effective the image should take up the entire space chosen and must not be sideways or upside down. Furthermore, the ad must also be restricted to the space chosen to avoid obscuring content. Preview the appearance of the ad to make adjustments.

Quality and relevance

Ensure your ad image is recognizable, clear and relevant to your product and content.

No Flashing and strobing images

Distracting ads which flash or strobe are not allowed.

Family status

Ads must fit within the ‘family status’ category. Anything considered adult or non-family will not be permitted.

Remarketing Using Youtube Videos

Videos remain the most interactive marketing tool because they effectively grab the viewers attention thereby explain and demonstrate your product effectively. The video ad should only run for 30 seconds so as not to lose the viewers attention. Your video ads are linked to your Adwords account, thereby creating a re-marketing channel. This channel will reach people that perform the following actions:

  • played any of the videos on YouTube,
  • taken actions such as share, like and comment on videos,
  • have viewed the videos as Trueview ad,
  • have subscribed to or visited your YouTube channel.

Another approach is to re-market to a similar audience. Using analytics to re-target, dynamic re-marketing, where past visitors are shown ads they have already viewed, and also using mobile apps to re-market utilizing lists for search ads. The Google ads marketing professionals at Adelaide Advertising Agency will significantly boost your profits and brand standing.

To take full advantage of re-marketing, you must also improve your search engine optimisation.