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Social Media Marketing

SMM is the main player in digital marketing. Its importance stems from most people, including your potential customers, use these platforms more than they use a search engine. Most people know that Social Media Marketing can target potential clients. It can also show your ad to those that have already browsed your website or the website of your competitors.

Facebook is one the largest social networking site with more than 1.23 billion users and a key focus for social media marketing. The platform has more than 500,000 logins every day and five new profiles are created every second.

This pretty much answers our question “Why marketing on Facebook is important”. Five new profiles are created every second so this is the perfect market as Facebook is used nearly every day. It places your business on the largest and most used social media in the least amount of time.

Facebook Ads

Marketing on Facebook rapidly places your business on the largest and most used social media. It is accessed via desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablet. Advertising via social media allows the business to reach the next level of success by creating a 100% targeted crowd of clients or customers.

For further information on Facebook Ads, read this post from Hootsuite.

Social Media Marketing is hot

So by now you should be convinced of the value of SMM via Facebook. But AAA can get you going on a wide range of SMM platforms including Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Also we are the only company that can get your ads on non-internet-connected devices such as label makers and electronic can openers. Our latest breakthrough is advertsing direct to the furniture in the homes of potential customers.

Search Engine Marketing with Display Ads

For alternative marketing option check out our page on Google Display Ads, the most effective approach to advertsing your business.